The Online Musician 2.0
Dear singer, songwriter, aspiring artist or independent musician
I understand that longing you have to make your dream a reality because I too am a creator.

Creating is what you were born to do!
However, we have entered the Wild West of the New Music Industry and it's not only overwhelming, but confusing and incredibly challenging as it's all too easy to fall between the cracks.

What we're experiencing presents the biggest challenges musicians have ever faced and yet it also presents the most incredible opportunity for aspiring artists in the history of the music industry!

Rising above the crowd is not only possible, it's very achievable, even for complete beginners.

The key is to understand what works right now, and what doesn't.

In The Online Musician course, I show you a very simple, and yet strategic step-by-step process to properly launch your music on the internet, secrets to grow a die-hard fan base, and the exact methods I've used to create a passive income -- all by following your passion and dream.

This course is for complete beginners as well as artists who have some experience but want to dive in deeper and go to the next level!

In this course you will build a solid foundation from the ground-up, from discovering what makes your sound completely unique, to the exact formulas and strategies as to how to execute a launch and marketing plan.

This is exactly how a stay-at-home-mom of FIVE kids has launched a successful music career from home, without ever having done a tour! 

~ Leah

Pricing Options
  •  The Online Musician Course 2.0

6 Monthly Payments of $97 USD

  •  The Online Musician Course 2.0

1 Payment of $497 USD

Customer Satisfaction - What Students Are Saying:

"This course has offered wonders for me! In just 3 weeks I went from 571 to almost 1200 SUPER FANS! Building my fan base was my 90 day goal and my goal was 700 fans (wanted to be realistic) and I have surpassed that by a long shot. People are engaging and sharing my content, but what makes me most happy is that they actually want to. So thankful for this course!" - Kandice Bell

“Before starting The Online Musician course, I was a bit directionless and needed a map and a guide. I was completely clueless about the marketing and promotional side of things. Now, I've learned how to start a buzz. I started growing my fanbase! Since starting the program, my Facebook following has grown by 50% and I have finished recording, mixing and mastering my album and it's already been sent out for duplication. Thank you to Leah for deciding to share your knowledge. It's been an amazing experience and the community of learners in this course has been an invaluable resource! Sometime you just need a cheerleader and a kindred spirit and I found that in this online community. I just can't recommend this program enough!” - Chris Stark

“Before The Online Musician, my business partner and I started a record label and though we know a lot about the music industry. There is so much we do not know a lot at the same time. We heard about the online workshop that Leah was doing and decided to check it out and we loved it! We learned so much in the free webinar that we decided to purchase the course. And it is really one of the best things we have ever done! Now we are building awesome relationships with our Super-Fans! I am also getting great results with the other artists I am working with. One of them is gets over 100 shoutouts from her social media! It’s been great!” -Daniel Martinez
#### WHAT YOU GET ####

**Access to 6 training modules

**Lesson Action Plans, Resource Lists, Checklists & Guides 

**Every tool you need to create a successful music career online

**Special Facebook Ads Training for Musicians

** Exclusive Private Mastermind Group ($997 value)

-- PLUS -- 

** Facebook Ads Training ( $297 Value)

** The Busy Musician's Bootcamp ($197 value)

** Exclusive Private Mastermind Group ($997 value)

** Secrets to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign ($99 value)


That's over $2,700 in total value!

** Prices shown are in USD **

You can expect to go through the program in 6 weeks. Based on previous customer feedback we have structured the course to be released over a period of 30 days. Every week NEW modules are released for you to go through stategically in order to get the BEST results!

1. How long will it take me to get through your program?

The Online Musician is a six-week program and each week (for the first 30 days) there will be new modules released for you to go through stategically.

Each lesson builds upon each other and is essential for long-term success, even if you're already experienced. For this reason, the course is spaced out with homework for each lesson so you have time to absorb and IMPLEMENT.
2. How do I know if this program is right for me?

There are 4 different types of artists that will get the most from this program:

The Just-Getting-Started Musician:
You want to pursue your music seriously for the first time but you don't know where to begin. Perhaps you've written some songs but haven't really taken it to the next level. Now you are ready to get serious about pursuing your music and you want a step-by-step approach that will work and get your results.

The Diving-In-Deeper-Musician: 
You may be a more seasoned artist who has been working the music scene for a while but you know there is more opportunity out there. You want to learn how to better leverage the internet to really gain maximum exposure. You might even have a cd or two, but they didn't make a lot of sales and you aren't sure why. You want to figure out a better strategy to build a buzz that will significantly increase your sales. Maybe you have enough of a fan base to do a crowdfunding campaign but the idea of failure freaks you out. You need a road map to show you proven steps that lead to success.

The Changing-With-The-Times-Musician: 
You've been in the industry for a long time, you have done lots of live shows, but you are frustrated with the lack of sales and you are trading your time for dollars. You want to learn how to leverage the Internet so you can get global recognition and increase your fan base while you sleep. You like the idea of getting royalty checks every week from digital sales but aren't sure how to set that up so you can maximize your profits.

The Stay-At-Home-Musician: 
Music is in your blood but you can’t seem to find the time to fulfill your calling as a musician and make money doing it. Touring may not even be an option for you at this time and you don't know if it’s even possible to be a successful musician, let alone make any money, without touring but you are determined to figure it out. You understand the power of the Internet but you would love to have the steps, details and strategies in one place so you can quickly and easily navigate your future project and succeed as an online artist.

If you fall into any one of those categories, you will benefit immensely from this program!
Who this program is NOT for:
  • Lazy people who don't want to work hard
  • Someone who thinks everything should be free
  • Anyone who thinks this is a get-rich-quick-scheme
  • Negative Nellies and folks with a bad attitude (we’re protective of our amazing group!)
  • People who think they know it all (great - then you don’t need this course!)
  • Someone who's already very successful in the music industry
3. How long will I have access to The Online Musician?

TOM 2.0 will be fully availabe to you online for 1 year. After 90 days all lessons will be available for you to download, so you can keep them forever!
4. If I’m out of town, will I get behind in the course?

Not at all! The course is structured over a period of 6 weeks, and all the content will be there for you to go over at your own pace. It is also accessible from any mobile device!
5. Will I get one-on-one coaching and feedback from Leah?

This is a program designed for you to go at your own pace. While Leah is active in the private Facebook group and in the comments section of the course, we cannot guarantee personal feedback from Leah for each student. However, our support team is there to help at all times.

6. Will I be able to ask questions if I get stuck?

Yes, totally. You can make comments within the course itself and our support team will be happy to help you. We strongly encourage you to really take advantage of The Online Musician Club private community (pay by the month membership available to our Students). That’s where you’re really going to get a lot of extra help and encouragement when you’re stuck, especially from other musicians who can speak to your exact issues.
7. Will there be updates to the program as time goes on?

Absolutely. And if there is a high demand for a certain kind of tutorial or walk-through - make your request known! And we’ll be happy to add more instruction videos.
8. How soon can I expect to see results from using this training for my music career?

This will depend on your unique situation. Some of what you'll learn in the program can be applied immediately. Other things will require some research and work on your end. It will also depend on your personal goals, quality of your music, and your market, which we go through extensively in the program. You have to commit yourself to doing the work and this often requires going through the content more than once. The first thing you'll do is record your current stats in the progress/success worksheet so you can watch your results in progress!
9. Does any of this apply to me if I mostly play live?

Yes, absolutely. If anything, you might benefit the most from a program like this. I’m going to teach you how to leverage the power of the internet to work in your favour around the clock. So playing live will really be the icing on the cake for you, and you’ll be able to extend your reach and your exposure massively through this training.
We also cover money and time-saving tips for an organized recording process. You will benefit from not having to think through 500 details. :)
10. Why am I having Credit Card problems?

Usually this is because the information you are entering doesn’t quite match what your bank has on file. It could be a simple as your zip code not matching. For some users it is due to the fact that we are in different countries and your bank may require your authorization for the transaction to be completed. You can call your bank to notify them that the payment is ok to proceed, Or use the Paypal option above instead.
11. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put The Online Musician into action and CRUSH IT with your music this year!

That’s why I said “Screw It" to the 30-day “industry standard” and instead I’m giving you a full 60 DAYS to go through the training, to do the assignments, to implement what you learn, and watch your fanbase begin to grow.

If you reach out within 60 days to show me that you’ve kept up with all the work (you have to show me proof!), and for some crazy reason STILL haven’t seen any progress, then I’ll be happy to return the investment.

But, you DO have to do the work.

The Online Musician course is for musicians who are committed to learning and implementing new strategies into their music business, and NOT for tire kickers only interested in taking a look under the hood to see if they can get away without doing any work.

And we will be strict on this last point - you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There are so many Super Fans waiting to discover you around the world, and since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough love and being your accountability partner.

Please read our policy HERE for more information.

Any other questions?
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